Fasano Trancoso

The Hotel Fasano Trancoso docked in Itapororoca Beach, taking the pillars and the brand’s seal to one of the most privileged stretches of the region. There are 40 bungalows distributed by a reserved setting of lush native forest, blue sky and warm and calm waters.

Trancoso is one of the most desired destinations in Brazil, having established itself as an official refuge of lovers, of the sophistication, of the rustic and the beauty of what is natural. There, in the small fishing village, the Hotel Fasano Trancoso was designed respecting the essence of the community where it is inserted. The design of Isay Weinfeld, an architect recognized for his contemporary trait, established a harmonious dialogue with nature, from the location and design of each suite to the materials used in the construction.

The Fasano Trancoso project was conceived respecting the essence of the place and its community. Each of its details was designed to ensure the reduction of impact and a harmonious integration with nature.

» 40 bungalows room 60m² to 90m²
» Beach Club integrated to the restaurant signed by Rogério Fasano.
» 2 pools (Olympic and children’s), set out on a 250-meter-long deck along the entire front of the hotel
» Spa with 4 treatment rooms, fitness, sauna and swimming pool.
» Accommodation facilities for the Villas owners’ staff members.