Cali Mykonos

Cali Mykonos, an exclusive hideaway where bliss comes as a given and luxury as a natural state of being.

Designed with reverence for nature and respect for hospitality. An exclusive resort in Kalafati, Mykonos, privately serene and intentionally immersive. Experience air, land, and sea in every sense.  Dressed in stone and marble, the sanctuaries of Cali Mykonos will host your memories of an epic summer. The 40 luxury suites and Villas blend with nature, from the soothing seawater of the swimming pools, the views of the Mykonian landscapes, and every shade of comfort and delicate living imaginable.

Yacht cruises, fine dining, spa & wellness, beach, pool life: these are the highlights that will elevate the feeling of unequalled pleasure to ethereal heights of taste, adventure, and relaxation amidst nature and the light of summer.